Save money on fee’s and taxes in your retirement accounts!


The Mutual Fund provides time saving expert individualized service for clients who want to better manage their retirement plans. The mutual fund inspector is a one-on-one consultative service designed to answer the two most important questions about your retirement accounts. How am I doing and how can I do better with my retirement options. Using our proven process we help to uncover your answers together.

How It Works

The Mutual Fund is simple we provide clear, just-in-time, conflict free personalized service assisting and guiding you on your retirement accounts.

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We Answer Your Questions

Just what is the mutual fund inspector? What does it do? Why do I need to get inspected? How did it start? Who is behind this? Your questions are answered here.

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Our insights section provides relevant and actionable information how better understand and managing your retirement accounts. See some of the common mistakes people make in managing their retirement accounts and how to avoid them. 

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Our Service

Our service is simple. We answer the two most important questions about retirement accounts and additional questions you have to your satisfaction. That’s it. We do not sell investment services or 3rd party products.


People really just want to know two things when talking about their retirement accounts. How am I doing and can I do better? We created the mutual fund inspector to answer those two questions.


Founder of The Mutual Fund Inspector